Kodi + Soundbar + HyperHDR + Gaming Console

Hello together,

I am new to this forum because I can’t find anywhere the answer to my question…..

My setup till recently:
Raspi 4 (LibreELEC) -> HDMI Splitter for HyperHDR -> TV (Samsung)
Gaming Console -> HDMI Splitter for HyperHDR
Raspi 4 (LibreELEC) -> HifiBerry HAT -> Old PC 2.1 Speaker Set
The good thing was that I could listen to music WITHOUT turning the TV on. The audio in Kodi was sent only to the HAT and speaker set. After my Speaker broke I decided to go down the soundbar route.

Now the connection is like this:
Raspi 4 (LibreELEC) HDMI0 -> HDMI Splitter for HyperHDR -> TV (Samsung)
Raspi 4 (LibreELEC) HDMI1 -> Soundbar
Gaming Console -> TV
Soundbar -> TV (Arc)

Now my problem is that everytime the TV goes on, the soundbar recognize the Arc connection and switch to TV as input and not the Raspi. So I need to manually correct the input in the soundbar.
Also the Gaming Console can’t provide any sound when hooked in the HDMI-splitter…. It is kinda weird. Is this a problem with CEC settings?

My use cases are the following:
– Kodi as video player (TV on)
– Kodi as audio only player (TV off)
– Gaming Console with Ambilight (TV on)

Does somebody has a similar setup or could point me in the right direction? I am kinda lost Huh