V21 is crashing when updating the skin

Link to post in the skin thread    https://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid…pid3200435

Quote:Hey Mike,
V21 is crashing when updating skin. here’s a log https://paste.kodi.tv/leqaduvahu.kodi

Here’s old log https://paste.kodi.tv/jodezeware.kodi

Quote:Both logs show you unloading the skin to update:
CAddonMgr::UnloadAddon: skin.aeon.nox.silvo unloaded
Then unpacking:
Unpacking zip://special%3a%2f%2fhome%2faddons%2fpackages%2fskin.aeon.nox.silvo-10.0.2.zip/skin.aeon.nox.silvo/ to
It never loads again. Unfortunately, that means the skin has nothing to do with this so it appears to be a Kodi or script/plugin issue.

EDIT: I also see this but have no idea what it means, might help with troubleshooting elsewhere tho:
virtual void CXBMCApp::onSaveState(void **, size_t *)