Performance of panel views

I’ve always found performance of panel views is much worse, I imagine because of how many art elements are being shown on the screen at once.

But given the power of modern hardware, I’m guessing (and could be way off) that the reason why it still seems to be a struggle, is that no matter what size we make the image controls, kodi’s moving around the fullsize cached artwork that it has. 

I suppose the problem would be that we are using the same cached image for potentially fullscreen artwork as we are for tiny icons. 

My assumption for this is that I have a panel view where you can set how many items you see on the screen at once, going from this..


to this…


and performance tanks on small icons, even when I test on a pretty powerful PC with lots of RAM, I guess because on that machine I am importing artwork at 4K (as i sit a few inches away from the screen) and use the artwork full screen in a lot of places through the skin.

I’m not sure if there are ways of dynamicly creating different sizes of the cached image e.g. at least something like original, medium, small? How things like imgur work.

I guess this would also be a huge undertaking, so just wanted to see if it’s something else anyone else feels strongly about or has any thoughts on – or if it’s a complete non-starter.