Development around libVLC • projectM and other visualizers with libVLC

I reactived an (8 year) old addon for Open Frameworks: … e/43553/12
For compiling with Visual Studio I use the libVLC nuget package (3.0.20).
Goom and some of the basic visualizers do work, but not glspectrum, projectm and vsxu.

It seems to be compiled with this flags:


main libvlc debug: configured with /builds/videolan/vlc/extras/package/win32/../../../configure '--enable-update-check' '--enable-lua' '--enable-faad' '--enable-flac' '--enable-theora' '--enable-avcodec' '--enable-merge-ffmpeg' '--enable-dca' '--enable-mpc' '--enable-libass' '--enable-schroedinger' '--enable-realrtsp' '--enable-live555' '--enable-shout' '--enable-goom' '--enable-sse' '--enable-mmx' '--enable-libcddb' '--enable-zvbi' '--disable-telx' '--enable-nls' '--host=x86_64-w64-mingw32' '--with-contrib=../contrib/x86_64-w64-mingw32' '--enable-debug' '--enable-qt' '--enable-skins2' '--enable-dvdread' '--enable-caca'

And I would like to add:



I am especially interested in the projectM Visualization. Strangely projectM works with VLC 3.0.20 and Windows.

Statistics: Posted by Jona — 11 Jun 2024 01:29