Web and scripting • Customizing the VLC Web Interface: Tips and Tricks

Hi everyone, I want to start a discussion about customizing the VLC web interface. I’ve been working on tweaking the interface for a smoother user experience and thought it would be great to share some tips and learn from others.

My Customizations:
Interface Layout: Adjusted the layout to prioritize frequently used controls.
CSS Styling: Modified the CSS and SSL to match my website’s theme.
Custom Scripts: Added scripts to automate common tasks.
Improved usability for non-technical users.
Enhanced visual integration with my site.
Streamlined workflow for frequent tasks.
What customizations have you made to the VLC web interface?
How did these changes improve usability or functionality?
Any specific plugins or scripts you used?
What challenges did you face, and how did you overcome them?
Can you share screenshots or examples of your customizations?

Looking forward to seeing what others have done and getting some new ideas!

Statistics: Posted by smithloo — 11 Jun 2024 03:31