Add-on Request m3u playlist

Windows 11 – always the latest updates
Kodi Omega
Aeon MQ9 – Latts mod
I am looking for an Add-on for my ‘Star Trek Canon’ m3u playlist (Canon on > https://thestartrekchronologyproject.blo…usion.html <)
I know that the m3u playlist is basically just a *.txt file where Kodi displays and plays titel after title.
The problem:
Although available in the context menu no ‘watched flags’ are shown (- I know, *.txt file) but with 897 entries mixed episodes, movies and seasons (and still growing) it is a bit challenging keeping track of what you have watched and what not…
The solutions(?):
#1 – Could someone come up with a playlist or database or whatever, which allows for ‘watched flags’ in a mixed – episodes and movies – playlist?
#2 – Is there (and I do not know it) an add-on which automatically deletes the watched episode\movie from the m3u playlist (something like ‘Up Next’ and delete the last watched episode\movie, the complete playlist could always be restored from a backup.
Thank you for your answers!