VLC for Android and Chrome OS • Re: VLC Android keeps closing g

Thanks for the response. My answers:

1. It’s a fairly new phone; hardware is not likely to be an issue.
2. When this first started occurring, Android reported the app crashing and being unstable. That no longer happens. But the app continues to stop in the middle of playing files.
3. I have no mp3 files so I can’t easily test without finding a couple of hours worth of music to download. I think Amazon may owe me some mp3 files for some CDs I purchased in the past that offer free mp3 downloads. I’ll go look.
4. The stopping happens with headphones and in the car, so it’s almost certainly nothing to do with Android Auto. Bluetooth? I’d have to find a way to play without Bluetooth. I’ll look into it.
5. Actually, in the car, I have to plug into a USB port to get AA to project to the car’s screen. That suggests the music is being shunted through the same wire, not Bluetooth, but I’ll do more testing.

Statistics: Posted by rhoneyman — 14 Jun 2024 12:43