VLC media player for Windows Troubleshooting • Re: VLC v3.0.14 64bit bug: video "shrinking" when "start in minimal mode" is active

My workaround has been to set the vlc-qt-interface.ini to read only.

First: Thank you!!!

Well…it kinda works. At least it stops ot from getting smaller and smaller.

But when I tried to set the window to a desired size, then make the file (which is in AppData\Roaming\vlc if anyone wonders) read only, but it somehow always resets to a standard size. I tried and tried and couldn’t get it right.

I saw which value was changing and even tried to set that number manually, without success.

It’s the second number in the line


bgSize=@Size(1081 563)

Which is “536” is my example. That is getting smaller and smaller on each successive start of VLC.

And now I really wonder…if it this easy for me, a total laymen when it comes to software, to observe this behavior in a plain text ini file, why does this bug seems to be unfixable for the devls??? -.-

Statistics: Posted by GODzillaGSPB — 14 Jun 2024 22:14