VLC for iOS, iPadOS and Apple TV • Movie thumbnail/poster/info (VLC for tvOS v3.5.9)

Thanks a lot, Felix (and others) for maintaining this great app. I am using it all the time to watch movies in MKV format on my TV from a network drive on my PC and it generally works very well. However, I am really missing some “media center” feel/features in the app, to see more than just the filename in a folder when browsing the movie files. E.g.:

1. Is there a way to show an image of my choice instead of the standard orange outline document icon for the MKV file? For example by placing a JPG or PNG file with the same filename as the MKV file in the same folder, to show a movie poster etc.? And/or for the folder itself by placing a JPG or PNG file the filename “folder”, “artwork”, “thumbnail” or similar?

2. In the settings under “About” it says that VLC for tvOS is powered by TMDb. How does that work? It would be great if I could for example click and hold an MKV file and that choose an option to have VLC do an API call to TMDb about information about the movie (if it is a problem to find the movie from a filename, perhaps the movie name to be searched at TMDb could be read from a file (e.g. “TMDb.txt” that I place in the folder)?

I tried to search the forum for answers but I did not find any posts from recent years that seemed to address these points. Thanks in advance for your reply.

Statistics: Posted by CoNSpiracy001 — 15 Jun 2024 18:06