ZOOM Remote command not working

Hi, on my RPI 5 with LibreELEC-RPi5.aarch64-12.0.0 release installed I am unable to use the zoom button on my xbox one remote, the ZOOM function does not work. In the first place I did not touch anything as I read and know that these remotes work out of the box. I even checked against my “toml” file on my other RPI4 running Libreelec 9.2/Kodi18.9.
When switching to my old RPI4 with (Libreelec 9.2/Kodi18.9) everything works fine. I use the same lirc ir sensor on both hosts.

I can map every other function to the button (the upperst left on the remote) which then works or use any other button for the KEY_ZOOM, no chance, I can not switch to fullscreen when I am on any other screen (Home/Settings/…).

Anyone got this working?

Thanks in advance