VLC media player for Windows Troubleshooting • Chuck s4-d2 Menu won’t Open

I’ve come upon a problem using VLC that is new to me and I’m not finding a solution in the forum posts. I’m hoping more experienced folks here can help me solve it. Please forgive the length of the post,

“Chuck” season 4 Blu-Ray disc 2 previously loaded in VLC, displaying the splash screen menu giving me the options to choose episodes, view settings, extra features, etc.

After playing all of the episodes on the disc, I went back to choose the extra feature on the first episode (fig. 1) that plays “Chuck-a-pedia Interactive Episode” (fig. 2). This episode version has pop-up icons
allowing the viewer to click on and watch behind the scenes featurettes, then return to the episode. Since choosing that option and playing the episode once, the disc will no longer load and display the splash-screen menu. It just hangs on the spinning disc icon.

Clicking on the option Playback >Title’ drop-down menu shows the disc on the “First Play” title (fig. 3) but will not advance, or allow any other titles to be chosen. Opening the disc with the “No Disc Menu’ box ticked loads and starts the interactive episode (fig. 4), and the other titles can be chosen from there, but of course, no menu splash screen.
I would like to get it back to normal. All the other discs in the season and series load with the menu splash-screens, so I know my java settings, the aacs & Keydb etc. are fine,

So far, clicking the skip forward or back or “global” menu buttons do not make a difference. I’ve tried deleting the user %APPDATA% file, disabling VLC’s/other application’s recently used list/jumplists, removing the roaming VLC folder, uninstalling VLC, rebooting, reinstalling VLC, rebooting; so far, nothing has worked and I’m at a loss. Any Help solving this will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in Advance.

(haven’t figured out how to post the images with this request)

Windows 10 Pro version 21H2 Build 19044.3086

Statistics: Posted by bgperala — 17 Jun 2024 05:38