Occasional network errors

Hi there,

Please could I get some advice.

I was running OSMC/ Kodi v19 on a RPI 3b when I first started encountering a network error – 169.254.*.* and no internet/ home network access. The connection is hardwired/ ethernet/ RJ45 cable to homeplug (bedroom) and homeplug (lounge) to BT Home Hub 2. The rpi3b has a static ip address defined on the Home Hub. The fault was intermittent and self rectifying after about 15-20mins of up time.

About 2 weeks ago, I noticed that OSMC was failing to update and the network error was showing on every boot. So the home hub and both homeplugs were reset/ re-paired, the ethernet cable replaced, the rpi3b address removed and redefined.

I also formatted the SD card and started with a vanilla install of OSMC/ Kodi v20. The problem persisted.

I then switched to the latest release of Libreelec instead of OSMC, but the network error persisted.

I decided that the ethernet port might be on its way out, so this weekend, I swapped the pi3b for a pi4 and vanilla install of Libreelec. Last night the pi4 showed the same 169.254.*.* IP address. I disconnected the ethernet in favour of WiFi, all seemed to work ok, so I reconnected the ethernet. The IP address self rectified after about 20mins – I have not defined a static ip address for this device.

I have no idea what to try next.

Possibly the homeplug in the bedroom? But surely it would fail completely, not just cause IP addressing errors…

As far as fault finding, I am plumb out of ideas. My last thought is that somehow the BT Home Hub must be playing silly buggers, but I can’t see/ find anything amiss.

Does anyone else have any ideas? What else should I be looking for?