Development around libVLC • python-vlc HTTP Authentication failure– please help?

I am attempting to capture video from a URL using the python-vlc library. However, the site requires a username/password login that’s prompted when you first visit.
Of course, simply passing the URL to a new media instance simply throws the following error:


[0000718268001630] access stream error: HTTP connection failure[00000000020dd470] main input error: Your input can't be opened[00000000020dd470] main input error: VLC is unable to open the MRL ''. Check the log for details.

Any pointers for me?
As a side note, I also would like to figure out where the log is written so that I can read it.
As another side note, I am new to using this library, and would very much appreciate some tips on getting more familiar with it. I’ve been reading the documentation, but I’ve been having trouble figuring out exactly how all the puzzle pieces fit together, so to speak.

Statistics: Posted by Benjibot — 19 Jun 2024 03:06