timers and System.IdleTime(exp)

I’m following the manuals to try to add trailer playback to the estuary fanart view.

    <start reset="true">!Player.HasMedia + !String.IsEmpty(ListItem.Trailer) + System.IdleTime(Skin.Numeric(TimerAutoTrailer)) + Control.IsVisible(502)</start>
    <onstart>Notification(test_1, Temporizador Start, 1000)</onstart>

TimerAutoTrailer is a setting that currently contains a string with the number 5.
The idea is that the counter starts after those 5 seconds, but for some reason Skin.Numeric(TimerAutoTrailer) is not returning anything, so the trailer started without waiting any second.

If I modify the start condition…

<start reset="true">!Player.HasMedia + !String.IsEmpty(ListItem.Trailer) + System.IdleTime(5) + Control.IsVisible(502)</start>

… it works correctly, but I cannot make the user choose the delay they want before the trailer starts

I have read this but it is a publication from 2022 and I don’t know if it is the same problem.

Can you help me? Thank you