General VLC media player Troubleshooting • VLC not playing aac-Audio

I recently bought a music Album with a Blu-ray that has 24 bit 5.1 DTS-Xll audio on it. I want to listen to this on my phone and also be able to connect my phone to the sound system in my living room to enjoy the 5.1 Audio. To do that I converted the the Blu-ray to mkv and the split in in the individual aac files of the tracks. Sadly when I tried to listen to the files on my phone with VLC there was no sound at all. BubbleUpnp (another music player for android) worked fine with the message: FFMPEG Wav 16 bit Audio.
On PC the VLC Player just makes some noise. Other Players on PC like mpv-media-player or celluiod (yes I’m using Linux) are working.
What do I have to change to make it work with VLC?

Thanks for your help

Statistics: Posted by CheatingBoy6890 — 22 Jun 2024 23:04