In File View > Folders with multiple items only play one

I have Kodi v21.0

Today, my son wanted to watch The Hobbit. I have all of the movies for The Hobbit, from the 1977 cartoon, the Lord of the Rings trilogy, and the Hobbit trilogy in one folder.

I play my movies using Kodi’s “Files” section, where everything is displayed using Info Wall using the default Estuary skin.

Whenever I selected The Hobbit folder with all 8 movies, Kodi automatically started playing the first one that would display alphabetically.

In the folder settings, it says that each folder can contain individual items, so why doesn’t it open the folder so that I can select what I want to watch?

Kodi has many settings, and I typically do not change them once an install is running. I am not sure where to go to change this behavior.

Kodi Log:

Part 2: That log file above is huge. Most of it is debug info. I know in the past, there was a way to indicate what level of debug information you wanted to be displayed in the log file. I also tried to find that in the settings just now, but I was unsuccessful. How can I shorten the log file to eliminate the debug lines?