Generic Keypad keys don't work when upgrading Kodi to 19.4 and 20.5 on Linux

I’ve used Kodi on Ubuntu 20.04 for however long that’s been around and whatever was the latest Kodi version available at that time. I use a generic wired keypad to navigate most of the time, especially watching videos.
I upgraded my home theater pc to a current motherboard and an i3 processor. I installed Xubuntu (24.04) minimal (similar to my 20.04 version). 

There are a few other issues Kodi, but the most serious is that Kodi does not respond to any of the key on my keypads except enter, backspace, /, +, – and numlock, which execute useful functions (e.g., backspace takes you higher in UI hierarchy). But the arrow keys are really what I need and they are dead.

I have verified that the keypad is sending signals to Ubuntu and it processes them such that I can see their codes of websites that display keyboard entries.

I have looked at input configuration and nothing really made sense, though I selected IBM Keyboard as the device. I don’t recall how it was configured before.

I have tried it on another Ubuntu box that I have (Xubuntu 22.04) resulting in the same behavior.

All other Ubuntu apps honor all keys on the keypad.

I would appreciate any suggestions.  

BTW, I am proficient in Python and I wonder how hard it would be to write a device driver for it, especially if I could find source code for say, a keyboard.

Thank you.