v21 Network Bug

Platform: Android
Device: Sony Android TV
Logs: Device Logs

Not sure if this has been discussed yet, but previous versions of Kodi including 18.9 was working with SMB and windows 10.  Everything has been working for several years.  The TV updated Kodi and I just recently tried playing some movies on the TV via the windows SMB server and it fails.  

When Kodi updated to v21 the app could not play the ISO movies across the network.  I managed to get the kodi logs out of the TV.  In the logs, it tries to access the movie but says permission denied.  Not sure if redacting the username and password in the logs and filling it in with “USERNAME” and “PASSWORD”.  If it’s not redacting it in the logs and actually using “USERNAME” AND “PASSWORD” this is where the bug exists, because my credentials are not username/password.