VLC media player for Windows Troubleshooting • VLC can’t receive a SSM (source specific multicast) stream by MLD icmpv6

Hi, guys:

I want to use VLC to receive a source specific multicast stream in IPv6,but it does not work。
I try to open the stream UDP://2020:11@[ff3e::9800:1]:1234,but no Multicast Listener Report catured by Wireshark in the network adapter.
If I use UDP://[2020::11]@[ff3e::9800:1]:1234,I can capture Multicast Listener Report but without Multicast Source Address。
If I use the IPv4 IGMP like UDP://192.168.200:[email protected]:1234 ,everything works fine, I can capture the IGMPv3 Allow New Source report with the source address of

My OS is win10,VLC version is 4.0.6,so if vlc have bug in IPv6 MLD source specific multicast?

Statistics: Posted by lynn0977 — 24 Jun 2024 11:44