Movie info for video plugin

I’m working on a video plugin that interfaces with a streaming provider. I’ve been working on adding the movies they provide, to the library. For this, I’ve recently added medialibraryscanpath functionality to populate the library. This works nicely, but the tiles in “Movies” don’t look that nice.

The metadata that I’m receiving from the streaming provider is mediocre and I’d love to make the lists fancier. In an attempt to improve what I’m seeing in the library, I enabled the scraper. Because my video plugin is creating paths that are like “plugin://…”, themoviedb scraper can’t do its thing. So I’ve been trying to find the right way of leveraging the movie db in my plugin, but since I’m a noob, I’m having trouble finding the right way.

What would be the right approach here? Should I be populating the library in a different way so the scraper can do its thing, or should I be adding something in my video addon so it doesn’t need to rely on the scraper?