xbmc_env.properties no longer working on Sony Google TV with Kodi 21.0

Hi all,

Strange thing happened.

I opened Kodi today and found everything inside was back to a fresh install (ie. default addons, settings, etc).

I have the Kodi app files installed on a USB stick which is configured as external storage which also stores a lot of the other apps on the Google TV.

I have a xbmc_env.properties file in the root directory of the internal storage which then points to a second USB stick which is dedicated to storing the Kodi data files.

It has worked for ages, until now.

A system update on the TV was performed about 2 weeks ago and I don’t think I have opened Kodi since.

Don’t know if that messed something up.

I checked the USB stick that contains all the Kodi data files and everything is still there.

It seems Kodi is not referencing the xbmc_env.properties file.

The Kodi app permissions seem to be fine with Microphone and Storage both allowed.

I have tried clearing the Cache and Data in Apps/Kodi settings.

The TV is running Android TV OS Version 10.

The TV is a Sony Bravia XR A80J Smart TV.

Don’t know what else I can try.