Development around libVLC • Re: Linkage of Plugins in MinGW-LLVM <->MSVC C API/ABI

I have found the cause and mitigation to my issue.

These 2 libraries mentioned below (my new plugin module), and the libplacebo_vk_plugin are the ONLY 2 Plugins in my VLC build that invoke Windows – vlc_dlopen function from the vlc\src\win32\plugin.c:53 file.
This again invokes LoadLibraryExtW with the LOAD_LIBRARY_SEARCH_SYSTEM32 flag, so by placing my link-library in the System32 dir, I “fixed” the issue.

I believe however that this FLAG is to restrictive, and should be augmented with LOAD_LIBRARY_SEARCH_DLL_LOAD_DIR, unless the latter would cause conflict with other WIN32 linked modules.
Maybe this is a point for your consideration?


Statistics: Posted by bjornss — 27 Jun 2024 12:21