VLC media player for macOS Troubleshooting • Jumpy video when VLC near multi monitor seam

I have two 2.5K DP displays (primary left, secondary right) each connected via a TB3 port on my system (MacBook Pro in clamshell mode), no other apps running.
When I play / steam video and VLC is on the primary screen with the window within 55px of secondary screen, the video starts to get jumpy rather than play smoothly, the audio continues to play fine though. This only happens within this 55px area, if the window is elsewhere, if I drag the window even 1 px onto the second screen, if I put the window fully on the second screen right next to the primary, if I switch VLC to full screen mode on either display, it plays fine, it’s only if VLC player is within 55 px of the second screen…
Latest MacOS (14.5) & VLC (3.0.21) running on MacBook Pro M2 Max, Mission Control “Displays have separate Spaces” is turned off, VLC HW Decoding On/Off doesn’t make a difference, video type doesn’t make a difference (Xvid/H264/H265). It’s been doing this for at least the last few months.
Anyone else have this issue?
Any thoughts?

Statistics: Posted by auwubie — 28 Jun 2024 04:26