Clean library claims it can't find sources and blasts away library.

I have 3 Kodi instances (2 windows, 1 mac) with a smb share and mariadb configured. When I do a Clean Library on one of the windows boxes it shoots through and says “Unavailable source” and it asks me what I want to do with media items from the source, i.e. Keep/Remove. (similar to this ). The difference is, when I click remove, it removes my entire db (I had snapshotted before I clicked remove, so no harm no foul). 

When I scan, the windows box does find missing content and add it successfully, mapping with the same format as the files it says it can’t find.

logs, media sources, sources, passwords:

All sources show up in the logs, like so:

2024-06-28 19:16:34.761 T:1588    debug <general>: CUtil::GetMatchingSource: no matching source found for [smb://]
2024-06-28 19:16:34.969 T:1588    debug <general>: CUtil::GetMatchingSource: no matching source found for [smb://]

mediasources file:

        <location id="0">smb://user:[email protected]/share/tv</location>
        <location id="1">smb://user:[email protected]/share/movie</location>

sources file:

        <default pathversion="1"></default>
        <default pathversion="1"></default>
            <path pathversion="1">smb://user:[email protected]/share/tv/</path>
            <path pathversion="1">smb://user:[email protected]/share/movie/</path>

passwords file:

<from pathversion="1">smb://</from>
<to pathversion="1">smb://user:[email protected]/share/movie/</to>