I'm having major problems trying to get anything to work on Kodi

After a number of re-installs I have got some video add-ons to work but most fail.

Specifically I’m trying to get Catchup TV and Viivx to allow me to play UK videos. I am in the UK.

It would be so much easier if Video add-ons were listed by country/language as nearly all of them seem invalid for me. But I would expect to me able to play the above two.

Fox..com also fails.

I have created an account on ITVX and can login  But then I get numerous errors. A favorite kodi error message is “one or more items failed to play. Check log for more details”. I wish kodi would just tell me why it failed.

With catchup.tv I get all sorts of errors. Sometimes it is about some route… I know not what…. and other times it is that an object has no attributes.

I installed Kodi on a Windows PC to test. When I try to run any of those add-ons Kodi just crashes.

I’m trying on Windows before trying on a Vero4k. On that it doesn’t crash but nothing works.

The log file from the vero4k is https://past.somc.tv/baberebapu

If anyone can help me get past this point I’d appreciate it. I’ve spent nearly 3 days trying to get things to work and failed.