VLC media player for Windows Troubleshooting • Re: nVidia VSR video freeze on resize

Have you enabled it both in VLC (Settings –> Video –> Output modules –> Direct3D11 –> Video Upscaling Mode) and in nVidia Control Panel under “Adjust video image settings”? Super resolution has to be enabled in both.

If I start playing a video without upscaling it, Super Resolution is not active. As soon as I increase the video size (e. g. by dragging a corner of the VLC window), Super Resolution is activated. I can see the effect, especially on the edges of static parts like network logos. It is also shown as active in nVidia Control Panel, and MSI Afterburner shows the video card clocking higher and getting warm. Even a watt meter shows the increased power. Be aware that Super Resolution requires a lot of power. Depending on the video and the quality setting, it can draw up to 150 W on an RTX 4070 Super (that was a 1080p60 video upscaled to 2160p on maximum quality).

Statistics: Posted by Migrax — 02 Jul 2024 10:01