DialogVideoInfo opens for items which most likely aren't intended for it


while skin testing on multiple Kodi generations i noticed that Kodi 20 and – going a bit further – Kodi 21 seems to allow the “Video Information Dialog” (DialogVideoInfo.xml) to be openened via the “I”-key where you don’t expect it.

Random Kodi 21 examples:

Kodi Movie DB > Years > focus a year > press “I” > Almost empty, potentially unwanted DialogVideoInfo opens

When trying the same on Kodi 20, a confirm-dialog opens, telling the user “No information available” which can be confirmed with “OK”.

Best scenario would possibly be that there is no way at all to open the dialog and also having no confirm dialog.

This seems to happen for the following content types:

Genres, Years, Actors, Tags, Countries, Studios, Directors, (Sets)

I’d assume that only “Sets” might be an itended legit item which the dialog is to be allowed for – since it has a context menu entry “Information”
(at least on Kodi 21, Kodi 20 and 19 have no such context menu entry despite the dialog being allowed. Kodi 18 does not have the info dialog for Sets yet(?) at all, which would indicate changes were introduced and progressed with Kodi 19-21).

A skin-workaround (DialogVideoInfo.xml) on Kodi 21 could possibly be something like:

<onload condition="Container.Content(Genres) | Container.Content(Years) | Container.Content(Actors) | Container.Content(Tags) | Container.Content(Countries) | Container.Content(Studios) | Container.Content(Directors)">dialog.close(movieinformation,true)</onload>

Might be an issue which got introduced with changes on Kodi (19/)20/21 where we also now have a Video Information Dialog for “Seasons” (Kodi 21)

(Maybe also see fixed PR: https://github.com/xbmc/xbmc/pull/25276 https://github.com/xbmc/xbmc/issues/25217 )

Thanks for any input.