TV Show Duplicates (and Triples) After Scrape

I tried to find solutions to this on here, google, and reddit — but had no luck. 

I’m getting double (and sometimes triple) entries on my TV Shows after scrapes. It’s happening on new files and new folders, so I know it’s not pulling old database info from anywhere. For example, I just added the latest episode of House of Dragons, and it shows the episode 3 times. I also added a completely new folder and show (HBO Hard Knocks Offseason: NY Giants). That was a whole new folder in the file location that is scraped, and it actually listed the show twice on my TV Shows menu (as if it were 2 different shows). I’m not sure what is going on — I’ve used the same setup/sources/etc for years. The only change is I recently updated all my clients to 21.0

Here are the basics of my setup:

  • Clients are a combo of RasPi 4’s, RasPi 5’s, Windows PC, and Fire Cubes. 
  • All Clients are running 21.0 Omega (stable)
  • Ras Pi’s are on LibreElec 12.0.0
  • Shared Database on Synology NAS / MariaDB / phpMyAdmin
  • Scrape with TMDB TV Shows (version that comes w/ Kodi)
  • Share the same advanced settings file and sources file with all clients
  • I do have scrapers set on all clients, but they are all set to the same info (all scraping with TVDB TV shows, same scan settings for each)
  • I have Library Watchdog set on one client

I’m not getting any errors on the log when I scrape, so I don’t know how to troubleshoot this. I do have the Trakt add on, but I assume that doesn’t alter the shared database in any way (besides watched statuses, which I have turned off).

The only thing I found on searches that seemed somewhat plausible was a thread on people talking about sources with spaces in them causing issues for scrapers, such as having a folder “TV Shows” instead of TVShows”. I do have spaces in my folders, but I’ve never had this issue in the past, and I’ve had this setup for about a decade — unless 21.0 caused the issue. 

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!