VLC for Android and Chrome OS • Degraded picture quality on replay

There are a few issues I’ve always had with VLC on my Android T95 box. But there are two that is just annoying, and wish I could find a fix. If there are any. I use VLC as a UPnP player. Streaming video files from my Mac using Playback, through a LAN connection. (If anyone knows a better app than Playback for the Mac, I’m open to suggestions. I digress).

1. When I play an MKV file (this issue only happens with MKV files), and stop the video part way through (on purpose or by accident). When I replay the file, the PQ is heavily degraded. Goes darker, colours are off and over saturated. A lot of artificating. Refreshing within the list page doesn’t fix. The only way to get it back to normal again on playback, is if I exit the folder, and go back in. VLC ends up refreshing it.

However, if I let the mkv play right to the very end, where it stops on it’s own. When I replay in this situation, the PQ is normal.

Why does this happen? And is there a fix?

2. Again, this is only with MKV files. Whenever I start playback, I get a black screen with audio for about 3-4 sec. Then the picture comes up. For the life of me, I have no idea why this happens. If I skip back, the picture comes up at the very beginning. I’ve played around with settings that related to buffering, and hardware acceleration. I still get the black screen on initial play.

Both of these issues have been on-going for me for the last 3 years. No update has fixed it. Would appreciate any input.

Statistics: Posted by Guss72 — 04 Jul 2024 21:23