VLC media player for Linux and friends Troubleshooting • command line (ssh) vlc to launch fullscreen video on Raspberry Pi 4B

I have seen this question (or a similar one) asked many times in different places, but none of my attempts have worked thus far.

I have a Raspberry Pi 4B attached to two monitors via HDMI.

I would like to be able to issue a shell command (over ssh) to launch a full screen video on both monitors.

I can successfully launch full screen video on monitor 1, but NOT on monitor 2.

I will NOT have access to the mouse and keyboard, so this all has to be done via the command line.

The command I am using to launch fullscreen video on monitor 1 is this:

DISPLAY=:0 cvlc movies/Thunderstorm.mov –video-filter=”transform{type=270}” –fullscreen –no-video-title-show

(The transform filter is being used because the monitor is in portrait mode.)

My question: how can I use this command to launch the fullscreen video on monitor 2?

I admit that I am mostly clueless with regards to VLC.

What I have tried thus far (and did NOT work):

  • DISPLAY=:1
  • DISPLAY=:0.1
  • –qt-fullscreen-screennumber 1
  • –drm-vout-display HDMI-2

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