Skins • Re: Is there a dark version of the default VLC skin?

Yes, I hear you JuJu and completely agree 100%.

It boggles my mind why this has not been implemented to date.

I’ve tried using so called ‘Dark’ skins but they just mess up the UI.

Hey Devs, is it really that hard to add Dark Mode FFS ??

I have switched to another video player just for this reason and it works amazing in Dark Mode.

Actually I have grown quite fond of this other player and they are always implementing new features…. on a regular basis… unlike VLC.

It’s like VideoLAN has moved on to other projects.

So be it…. until VLC gets Dark Mode I don’t think I will be switching back.

I have found that there is a beta version for VLC 4.0 and this has dark mode available built in. Although it is a work in progress and is by no means completed it does seem to provide me for what I want which is dark mode.
Sure, there are glitches on startup (one error window that pops up in my case) but once you close the error window it does not affect playback. I am really liking the new format.

You can find the VLC 4.0 beta here:

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