Need help making a custom build

The new MAT Packer Rework is excellent and I’ve had zero audio issues since trying it. @jogal is a genius and he seems to have completely solved all audio dropouts!

However with this rework, maxpassthroughoffsyncduration was also limited to 80 instead of 100. Because of this I now see some video stutters in certain files with TrueHD, since 80 just doesn’t seem high enough for my Shield. I know that @jogal and @fritsch say that there are issues when going higher than 80, but I still would like to try and see what happens.

I tried looking into how to make this one change and compile my own build, but it’s extremely complicated for me. It would probably take me many hours and days, if I can even figure it out at all.

Would anyone be willing to make me a custom build of the latest nightly master (arm64-v8a), with the maxpassthroughoffsyncduration limit set back to 100? I’d be able to try different values like 90, 92, 96 etc… to see if anything works well for my Shield. My goal is to try and find a number that reduces or eliminates the stutters, but also doesn’t introduce audio issues.