VLC media player Feature Requests • Auto recognition of external audio file similar to auto recognition of subtitle file

Hi Guys,
More and more often I have to download a video in two steps from the most popular video sharing portal, if I want to watch it off line in resolution higher then 360p.
I have to download the mp4 (only video) and its audio file (m4a or webm) separately. Which is OK, I’m getting used to it.

But what would be really nice feature of VLAN player is that if I clicked on a mp4 video file in Windows explorer to play it, it would also load the audio file with matching file name similar to as it does with subtitle files. It would be really cool if the application would look for audio file with the most popular extensions (mp3, m4a, webm) with matching file name each time the user clicks on any mp4 file.

Because it is REALLY A PAIN to start watching videos with separate audio files by clicking gazilion times:

1. Media
2. Open Multiple Files
3. +Add
4. Browsing, selecting an mp4 file
5. Open
6. Show more options
7. Play another media synchronuously (extra audio file,…)
8. Browse
9. +Add
10. Browsing, selecting an mp3/m4a/webm file
11. Open
12. Select
13. Play

(windows 7)

Statistics: Posted by Geza — 10 Jul 2024 14:37