Rendering Glyphs with VSCODE, what is the trick?

I looked up and down in the marketplace, tried multiple extensions, used ChatGPT, and I can’t for the life of me figure out how to get VSCODE to show the glyph in use within the editor label line.

Is there an extension or setting that someone can point out to me, it is very annoying to have to use Font studio to see a large version of the Glyph in my font file I’m looking for, use charmap to select it for use and then have to paste it into the code only to have VSCODE just show some obtuse “square” because it is to stupid to render it. I don’t want to use the native formatting either as it is unintuitive and other editors, hell even notepad++ renders them correctly.

I have the font that it uses installed in the windows fonts folder, I have it set as a font fallback… but nothing seems to work.

Please tell me I’m missing something simple?



Thank you,