Netflix and Kodi

These are my details…
Build: 19.4 (19.4.0)
Compiled: 2022-10-07
Raspberry Pi 4B
Raspbian GNU/Linux 11 (bullseye) (kernel: Linux 6.1.2)

i have the netflix addon installed. since netflix went to ad supported, i get a notification saying i need at least kodi 20

i see kodi 21 is the latest one and maybe the better of the two.

how to i upgrade to kodi 21 whilst maintaining all my parameters and settings and such?

i’ve tried the
sudo apt-get install kodi
but get
kodi is already the newest version (2:19.4-3~bullseye)

not sure i want to move to bookworm for other reasons.

is there a way to update to kodi 21 in my current setup and if there is, could someone point me to a useful link?