Tuner Consumption

I am new to this Whole-Home-DVR setup, and for the most part all seems to be working great.
My current setup:
1. MS Windows 7 box as the DVR – Intel Core 2 duo with 4GB Ram, SSD Os/App drive and SSD Record drive.
2. Hdhomerun prime as the tuner source (3 tuners available streamed from Comcast)
3. Running Windows Media Center and ServerWMC as the DVR server and tuning applications on the windows box.

My clients are Android TV boxes (octocore) running Kodi 16.1 connected to each TV in my home. I have also installed Kodi 16.1 for windows on my personal laptops and home pc’s.

As stated earlier all seems to work; however, I have noticed that when I record a channel and watch that same channel live as it is being recorded I consume 2 Hdhomerun tuners.
Since the first tuner is streaming the same channel I am watching at the same time why do I need to consume another tuner?

I have tried Nextpvr and it does share the stream without consuming another tuner, but I like the stability as well as other features of ServerWMC and would like to keep it as my PVR application.
Are there any settings I need to make and if so where do I make these settings?

Thank you.