Skin options are sometimes completely reset – backup not possible?


I use the default theme of KODI 21, but sometimes I start KODI and all my settings on the skin are reset. I then have to set everything up again. For example, the main menu items on the left-hand side. Normally I only want to see Movies, Series, Addons and System there. Instead, suddenly EVERYTHING is there again: music, videos, weather, etc.

After the last incident, I adjusted everything and then saved the guisettings.xml as a backup in a separate folder. So today I simply copied this backed up guisettings.xml into the profile folder and overwrote the guisettings.xml there. I could see from the file size that the saved file is now really in the profile folder.

Exited KODI, restarted KODI completely: No change. Everything is still reset. Also the guisettings.xml file in the profile directory suddenly has a different file size.

Why is that?

A) Why are the skin settings sometimes reset completely?

B) Why can’t I simply save the guisettings.xml and simply transfer the reset guisettings.xml?

IMPORTANT: I only have access through the normal “file manager” in KODI. There is no way with adblink or similar on Fire TV Stick 4K Max unfortunately.