Failure to play VIDEO_TS on Amazon Firestick with 21.0

Over the past (long number of) years I’ve been ripping my DVDs; I rip them in VIDEO_TS format with no compression to get the “native” resolution.

This has been working fine up to 20.3; last week I updated to 21.0 and today I tried to play one of these and it failed.

Checking the log I see this error

2024-04-19 20:53:21.212 T:24493    info <general>: VideoPlayer::OpenFile: nfs://
2024-04-19 20:53:21.213 T:25273    info <general>: Creating InputStream
2024-04-19 20:53:21.272 T:25273   error <general>: Unable to load /data/app/org.
xbmc.kodi-1/lib/arm/, reason: dlopen failed: cannot locate symbol “dll_fstatvfs64” referenced by “/data/app/org.xbmc.kodi-1/lib/arm/”…
2024-04-19 20:53:21.274 T:25273   error <general>: CVideoPlayer::OpenInputStream
 – error opening [nfs://]

Does the 21.0 apk no longer work on Amazon firesticks or is this a build issue?

Software version: Fire OS (NS6702/5093)

(I guess I could roll back, but I saw a database migration from 20.3 to 21.0 so I’ll probably need to rebuild from scratch…)