General VLC media player Troubleshooting • Re: Audio Resampler causes momentary speed/pitch shift for seconds

I gave VLC 4.0 a try and I didn’t get to the point of figuring out whether this is still a problem because I was too distracted by the playlist view. Is it impossible to get the playlist to take up the whole upper part of the window like it used to in prior versions? None of my audio has cover art and VLC won’t let me resize or move the playlist panel to cover more than 50% of the window, so I’m losing the other 50% for no reason. Apologies if this is covered in a FAQ but I couldn’t find a VLC 4.0 FAQ either. Additionally, the MSI installer deleted my existing version of VLC even though I told it to install into its own folder in Program Files, `C:\Program Files\VideoLAN\VLC4`. I was fine with it taking over the Start Menu entries since it didn’t ask what Start Menu folder I wanted it in, but `C:\Program Files\VideoLAN\VLC\vlc.exe` simply no longer exists, and I did not expect that, or tell it to do that. I also tried to sign up for an account on the GitLab to file some tickets, but it says my username is in use, and no matter which email I put in, it’s not sending me anything. Even if I put my old Trac email in, just in case those accounts were imported into GitLab, nothing happens.

Statistics: Posted by LoganDark — 15 May 2024 18:14