Movie that was 2nd version in a version set not scraping

I had both SDR (primary) and HDR versions of Inception grouped via the K21 versions feature. I deleted the SDR version from my NAS and cleaned my library (also hosted on the NAS). I have tried to re-scrape the HDR version on several K21 platforms (Windows, Shield, CoreELEC), and all of them identify the film at the first stage, but then fail to retrieve any information. I get a blank meta data screen with “Cast not available”, no artwork and nothing added to the library. The file data (run-time, HDR10, audio format etc) are all identified. It seems a bit of a coincidence that the scraping failure relates to a file that was part of a version set, and I wonder if that’s an issue here? Appreciate advice.

Here is a log of failed scraping via Windows.