Development around libVLC • Stream In, Modify, Display, Capture ?


First this is being developed in C# on a Windows 11 platform, in case this limits availability of features. Also, the developers have limited experience with video processing.

The scenario we are looking at is we have an incoming video stream. We want to be able to overlay both text and a graphic overlay. The result we want to (A) Display on a monitor, (B) Write to a video file (most like MPEG-2) and (C) perform still captures.

The base question is: Is this within libVLC capabilities?
If the answer to the base question is yes, could we be pointed to some examples of the first part of this (taking an incoming stream and adding text and graphics to it to make a new stream).

Thanks for your help
Dale Pennington

Statistics: Posted by DalePenn — 13 Jun 2024 22:19