VLC for iOS, iPadOS and Apple TV • Re: Network Streaming playlist through iPhone


I just found out how this works.
When you have an m3u file just copy it from either the network location or the download folder into the VLC folder.
Then open VLC and go to playlist and you see all the channels in the file.

You can add as many m3u files as you like and they will shown under the tab playlist to be selected.

Works like a charm


I would like to know if this issue is already resolved?

I just installed VLC on my iphone and loaded an m3u playlist containing 116 radio stations yet I only see the first one and can’t select any of the other stations.

I tried google to search for it yet can only find this post.
Sorry for bumping it.

If there is a solution can someone pls paste a link to the topic?

Kind regards

Statistics: Posted by dgd15036 — 23 Jun 2024 20:55